Pentax PC-303

€ 49,95

The Pentax PC-303 is a light plastic 35mm compact point-and-shoot camera with autofocus, auto exposure and motor drive, made in Japan by the the Asahi Optical Co - part of their low-end "PC" range. It has a sliding lens cover doubling as an on-off switch.



- Shutter: leaf shutter, 1/125s

- Lens: Pentax 35mm f4.5, 3 elements

- Focusing: Infra-red autofocus, 1.2m - infinity

- Film speeds: ISO 100/200 or 400, set by switch underneath

- Power: 2x AA batteries

- Weight: 185g without batteries


Comes with the following:

- Custom wrist strap



- 5/5 

Good working condition


What you still need:

- 2x AA batteries

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you are purchasing.