Kodak Portra 160 (36exp)

€ 10,00

Kodak Professional Portra 160 features a significantly finer grain structure for improved scanning and enlargement capability in today's workflow while retaining the exceptionally smooth and natural skin tone reproduction that the Portra film family is renowned for. Portra 160 film is the ideal choice for portrait, fashion, and commercial photography, either in the studio or on location.

It features Technology such as Kodaks Micro-Structure Optimized T-Grain, Advanced Cubic Emulsion, and the Optimized Emulsion Spectral Sensitivity and Image Modifier Chemistry for beautiful, neutral skin tones and superb color reproduction.



- Brand: Kodak

- Film Format: 35mm

- Film type: Color Negative Film

- ISO: 160

- Expiry date: 2012

- How many: 1 roll


We can't give any guarantees on expired film. Some of the film have been stored in the fridge and some have not. 

DutchFilmShooters stores it cold from arrival to shipment.

You should keep in mind that the film might need more light than usual because it is expired. The general rule for expired film is: 'for every 10 years, add 1 stop of light'. 

You don't have to follow this rule for slide film. Just shoot at box speed.