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Olympus MJU Zoom 105 / Infinity Stylus

€ 199,95 € 169,95

The Olympus mju ZOOM 105 (US: ∞ Stylus Zoom 105) is a fully automatic 35mm compact camera introduced by Olympus in 1995. It packs a 38-105mm zoom lens into a body that is smaller than the Olympus mju ZOOM 70. It is switched on by shifting the lens cover to one side.

Made in China, it was part of the hugely successful Olympus mju/Stylus series. Unlike the basic mju/Stylus, the auto-flash pops up when used. Several versions were made for different markets, usually in black or gold, some DELUXE models with Quartzdate imprinting and/or remote control.



- Lens: 38-105mm f/4.5 to f/8.9, (6 elements in 5 groups)

- Film speed settings: 50-3200 ISO

- Shutter: 1/4 to 1/500 sec

- Film Winding: Automatic

- Flash: Built-in pop-up flash

- Weatherproof


Comes with the following:

- Strap



- 5/5 

Good working condition


What you still need:

- 1x CR123a battery

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you are purchasing.