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Olympus Pen EE (Red)

+ Sample shots
€ 149,95

The original Pen was introduced in 1959. Designed by Maitani Yoshihisa, it was the first half-frame camera produced in Japan. It was one of the smallest cameras to use 35mm film in regular 135 cassettes. Its name comes from the idea that the camera was as portable as a pen. The concept was soon copied by many other Japanese makers.



- Lens: D. Zuiko, 28mm F/3.5, 4 elements in 3 groups

- Film speed settings: 25-400 ISO, set manually

- Shutter Speed: 1/40 or 1/200 sec

- Aperture: f/3.5 to f/22

- Film Winding: One motion thumb wind at camera rear

- Weight: 335gr

- Half-Frame Camera: Roll with 36 frames will be 72 (half) frames

- Red warning signal for under exposure


Comes with the following:

- Wrist strap



Good working condition

- 4.5/5

- Beautiful fresh leatherette


What you still need:

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you are purchasing. This camera is film tested with expired Imation 100.