Olympus Superzoom 800s / Accura Zoom 80s / OZ 80s

€ 149,95

The Superzoom 800 is a 35mm compact camera issued by Olympus in 1996. It is also available as the ∞ Accura Zoom 80 (Infinity Accura Zoom 80) in US and since 1997 in the OZ series as the OZ 80 Zoom with a panoramic function in Japan.



- Lens: Olympus 38-80mm f/4.5-8.9

- Film speed settings: 50-3200 ISO

- Film Winding: Automatic

- Flash: Built-in

- Weight: 110g

- Clamshell lens protection


Comes with the following:

- Wrist strap

- Manual



Good working condition

- 5/5 


What you still need:

- 1x CR123a batteries

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you are purchasing.

Example photos taken with this camera can be seen below. Film used: Fomapan 100