Fuji DL-400 Tele

€ 99,95 € 49,95

Dual-lensed compact auto-focus camera from Fuji, offering 35mm and 70mm focal lengths. Not to be confused with the DL-400 Tele Super. Focal length is chosen by a switch on the front of the camera. The front also has push buttons for fill flash and infinity focus. A slider on the back retracts the lens barrier. A quartz date version was available as the DL-400 Tele QD which is the Fuji Tele Cardia Super Date in Japan.



- Wide angle: 35 mm f/3,5 (3 components, 3 elements)

- Tele: 70 mm f/6,7 (6 components, 7 elements)

- "Landscape" mode (infinity focus). Nearest focusing distance: 80 cm (wide), 50 cm (tele)

- Built-in flash with diffuser, pops up in 70 mm mode. Fill-in flash mode available

- Drop-in loading; the film is wound into the cartridge to protect exposed frames if the back is opened

- DX decoding from ISO 50 to 1600

- Dimensions and weight: 139,5x73,5x55,5 mm, 323 g


Comes with the following:

- With or without Hama pouch

- With or without original strap



- 4/5

- All electronic functions are working

- Clean viewfinder


What you still need:

1 x Panasonic CR-P2P/BR-P 2DP/National BR-P2N/Duracell DL 223A 6V lithium battery.

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you are purchasing. Example photos taken with this camera can be seen below. Film used: Expired Fuji Superia 200