Yashica Zoomtec 90

€ 49,95

The Kyocera Zoomtec 90 is a 35mm film autofocus compact camera manufactured by Kyocera. It first appeared circa 1990. It was also available as the Yashica Zoomtec 90 and the Yashica Zoom Image 90. The zoom lens has a range of 38mm f/3.5 to 90mm f/7.8. It is able to use DX encoded film from ISO 50 to 1600.



- Lens: Yashica zoom lens 38-90mm

- Film speed settings: DX 50-1600

- Aperture: F3.5 - F7.8

- Film Winding: Automatic

- Flash: Built-in

- Weight: 300g


Comes with the following:

- Original pouch

- Strap



- 3/5

- All electronic functions are working

- Clean viewfinder with minor dust

- Lens protection doesn't close all the way when the camera is shut off. Doesn't affect the camera in any other way.


What you still need:

- 1x 2CR5 battery

- 35mm film