Revue Slimshot

€ 69,95

The camera is made of plastic and features a Panoramic switch that puts a mask over the film plane for a wide effect. By switching the camera on, a square hood pops forward, pushing this back shuts the power off again and closes the lens with a protective door.

A little LCD display on top shows an exposure counter and flash information. Film advance and rewind is motorized. Film sensitivity is being set automatically by DX encoding. There are no manual user settings available. A remarkable feature for a camera in this class is the dioptre adjustment for the viewfinder.

Power is provided by 2 AA (LR06) batteries. Camera without film and batteries weighs 155gr.



  • Film speed: ISO 100/400 via DX code
  • Panoramic switch which crops the exposed area
  • Size: 115x65x40mm
  • Weight: 155g


Comes with the following:



- 4/5 

Good working condition


What you still need:

- 2x AA battery

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you are purchasing.