Maco ORT 25c (36exp)

€ 8,00

The Maco ORT 25c is a black and white film. It was offered by the German Hans O. Mahn & Co. KG. In the meantime, it is no longer in the photo retailer’s range.

The ORT25 uses a thin-layered document emulsion with traditional cubic crystal technology and orthochromatic sensitization.

The ISO values/film speed are not standardized due to the lack of industry standards for orthochromatically sensitized document films. However, it is recommended to start with an exposure setting of ISO 25/15° (based on a light measurement with the meter pointing from the subject to the camera).

The ORT25 is particularly suitable for reproducing documents and X-ray images to create black and white and blue slides. Its high sharpness and resolution also make it suitable for general graphic purposes, special effects, and photographic halftone applications. Its characteristics make it ideal for archival purposes.



- Brand: Hans O. Mahn & Co. KG

- Film Format: 35mm

- Film type: Black & White negative film

- ISO: 25

- Expiry date: ?

- How many: 1 roll


We can't give any guarantees on expired film. Some of the film have been stored in the fridge and some have not. 

DutchFilmShooters stores it cold from arrival to shipment.

You should keep in mind that the film might need more light than usual because it is expired. The general rule for expired film is: 'for every 10 years, add 1 stop of light'. 

You don't have to follow this rule for slide film. Just shoot at box speed