Samsung Fino 80 XL

€ 49,95

The Samsung Fino 80 XL is a fully re-useable lightweight fully automatic camera.

Equipped with a quality 38-80mm zoom lens capable of taking quality photos, a built in automatic flash with various modes and a self timer so this camera can be used in all settings and is reliable and easy to use.

The addition of a built in motor allows the camera to automatically advance and rewind the film for you meaning all you need to do is point and shoot.



- Lens: 38-80mm Zoom Lens

- Film Type: 35mm Film

- Film Winding: Automatic

- Flash: Built-in

- Weight: 200g


Comes with the following:

- Strap



- 4/5 

Good working condition


What you still need:

- 1x CR2 battery

- 35mm film