Chinon Splash AF

€ 49,95

Chinon Splash AF is a weather-proof compact autofocus camera released in 1988. While its looks, with rubber sealing rings around the lens and film door, make it look like an underwater camera, it is merely splash-proof (hence the name). The lack of slow shutter speeds and weak flash makes it unsuited for low light use. 



    • Lens: 35 mm f/3,9 (3 elements/3 groups).
    • Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter, 1/90–1/410 s.
    • Focus: Infrared autofocus, from 1,3 m to infinity. Prefocus possible.
    • Exposure: EV 10,5–14,5.
    • Flash: Built-in, manually activated. GN 10. Range: 1,3–3,5 m. Fill flash possible.
    • Viewfinder: Bright frames with LED indicators for low light and focus.
    • Film speed: DX coded films from ISO 100 to 1000. Non-DX films exposed as ISO 100.
    • Film transport: Automatic advance and rewind.
    • Power: 2 x AA batteries.
    • Dimensions: 140 x 77 x 53 mm.
    • Weight: 370 g.


Comes with the following:

- Strap



- 4/5

- All electronic functions are working

- Clean viewfinder with minor dust


What you still need:

- 2x AA batteries

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos may not be the camera you are purchasing.