Minox AF Mini

+ Sample shots
€ 199,95

The Minox AF-Mini is a compact 35mm autofocus point-and-shoot from the mid 1990s that features the sharp Minoxar-T 34mm F3.5 lens.

Best known as the premier subminiature "spy camera" maker, Minox also made some excellent 35mm cameras, including this relatively simple one.



  • Lens: Minoxar 34mm f/3.5-16.

  • Film Type: 35mm Film.
  • Film speed settings: 100-400 DX ISO.

  • Film Winding: Automatic.

  • Flash: Built-in.

  • Active infrared autofocus
  • Close up operation
  • Self timer


Comes with the following:

- Box

- Strap

- Manuals



- 5/5

- All electronic functions are working


What you still need:

- 1x CR123a battery

- 35mm film


Example photos are shown below, taken with expired black and white film.