Lomography Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 (36exp)

€ 10,00

The latest LomoChrome Purple film is their best batch yet! Pick up this analog film and turn this beautiful, bizarre, and bewildering world into a wonderland. A delicate balance of the finest photon reactive silver halide crystals and special color compounds, this trippy emulsion yields spectacular psychedelic scenes. . Use it to craft a heady blend of earthy reds, crisp plums, and velvety violet notes. LomoChrome Purple film lets you explore the color spectrum like never before – Blue becomes green, green becomes purple, and yellow becomes pink! Red tones stay red though, which keeps skin tones looking natural in a sea of trippy hues.

Control the color changes in your photos by selecting different ISO settings. Green tones will become a shiny purple when you use an ISO 100 setting, but with an ISO 400 setting, greens will shift into darker indigo. Explore unlimited color creativity!



- Brand: Lomography

- Film Format: 35mm

- Film type: Color Negative Film

- ISO: 100-400

- Expiry date: 2016

- How many: 1 roll


We can't give any guarantees on expired film. Some of the film have been stored in the fridge and some have not. 

DutchFilmShooters stores it cold from arrival to shipment.

You should keep in mind that the film might need more light than usual because it is expired. The general rule for expired film is: 'for every 10 years, add 1 stop of light'. 

You don't have to follow this rule for slide film. Just shoot at box speed.