Pentax Espio 145M Super / IQ Zoom 145M Super

€ 99,95

The Pentax Espio 145 is a 35mm compact camera with autofocus and a zoom lens, issued by Pentax in 2002. Part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom series. Various versions including Espio 145M Super with brushed aluminium body and IQZoom 145 Date.


This Espio 145 M Super is a beautiful pocket size camera with a quality titanium finish and black hand grip giving it a beautiful classic look!

Equipped with a quality 38-145mm zoom lens capable of taking beautiful photos. It features a built in automatic flash with various modes and a self timer so this camera can be used in all settings and is reliable and easy to use.



- Lens: Pentax 38-145mm

- Film Type: 35mm Film

- Film speed settings: 25-3200 DX ISO, NON-DX is 25

- Shutter: 2 seconds to 1/400 of a sec

- Film Winding: Automatic

- Flash: Built-in

- Weight: 300g


Comes with the following:

- Strap



- 4/5 

Good working condition


What you still need:

- 1x CR123A battery

- 35mm film


The camera in the photos is the camera you purchase.